InfoSystems + KnowBe4

InfoSystems is a SOC 2 Certified Services Provider, the gold standard of cybersecurity certification. We have a partnership with the #1 cybersecurity training and awareness program - KnowBe4 - to help local companies better understand the threats we all face every day and how to avoid them.

Cybersecurity training and awareness for you and your employees will make the greatest impact on your company's progress to becoming Cyber-Secure.

Watch the video below to understand how the KnowBe4 training program works.

It's Our Mission to Protect our Friends and Neighbors

It's just not right that a hard-working business owner could lose everything to a cyber criminal. Nobody should have to spend time and money dealing with cyber-attacks, but it's unavoidable.

We make Cyber Security easy for our customers. We’ve been doing IT the right way for more than 25 years and have built the top Cyber Security team in the region. Every service we provide is wrapped in security.


InfoSystems is a SOC 2 Certified Services Organization - the gold standard in cybersecurity.

AICPA SOC for Service Organizations Certification