IT Project Services

IT projects almost always have moments or segments when outside expertise is needed. We can provide either temporary staffing support for an upcoming IT project or ongoing services related to the newly implemented technology.


Hiring full time resources with specialized skills often leads to a lack of utilization of that person's abilities. Investing significant time and expense training your existing personnel can dilute their focus and make it difficult to stay up to date as time goes on. InfoSystems can provide the specialized IT project staff you need when you need it without any long-term commitment.


Staff augmentation is a flexible and agile staffing option to:

  • Fill IT skills gaps and accelerate IT project completion
  • Cover seasonal spikes and other times of short term demand
  • Maximize your IT and HR budget with temporary IT staffing options
  • Prevent burnout of your existing personnel

Cope with Fluctuating Business Conditions

Accept new contracts with confidence. Implement a new initiative. Accommodate a sudden spike in demand. We can offer you temporary IT staff on an as-needed basis, giving your company new and flexible business options.

Business Support from InfoSystems’ Team of Seasoned Experts

You can turn to InfoSystems for IT expertise and staffing support. Whenever spikes in demand, employee turnover, or changes in the market leave you understaffed, we can stand in the gap. Our flexible staffing options give you operational freedom and agility.

You may reach InfoSystems by phone (423) 624-6551, email, or instant message. Please feel free to use the method of contact that is the most convenient for you.