Enterprise IT Partnerships

We’re Your Trusted Business and Technology Partner

InfoSystems enterprise IT partnerships are an excellent option for large companies that need specialized resources but do not want the added expense and challenge of searching for and hiring full-time personnel. Highly specialized IT skills can be hard to find and demand large salaries, increasing the risk of making the wrong hire. InfoSystems eliminates the risk associated with hiring specialized IT personnel by establishing enterprise partnerships.


Close the gap between your C-suite and IT department. We can act as your trusted advisor and help you bring your technology investments in line with business goals. You can count on us for honest feedback. We will always do what is right for your business.


InfoSystems can provide a wide range of enterprise partnership support:


  • Senior-level guidance
  • Strategic planning and budgeting
  • IT personnel and project management
  • Affordable resourcing for specialized skills
  • Trusted business partner for channel-only vendors

Strategic Technology Enhancement

We’ll help you take a strategic approach to technology investments, upgrades, enhancements, and replacements. Our seasoned team of experts can work with you to evaluate trends and understand your technology needs. We can then manage your technology budget to support marketplace trends and your business needs.

Specialized IT Skills

InfoSystems maintains a strong bench of IT professionals with many different IT specializations. We invest in keeping our skills and certifications up to date. For enterprise engagements, we often put together a dedicated team of IT specialists that work alongside a company's IT department for long-term or indefinite collaboration. We also provide short-term project planning and support by IT specialists with skills that are necessary for critical moments.

Benefits of an InfoSystems’ Enterprise IT Partnership

With our enterprise IT service, we can ensure your technology aligns with your business needs:

  • Ensure technology investments have a solid business rationale
  • Mitigate risk of high-dollar technology and personnel investments
  • Free you to focus on core functions of your organization

Your technology investments should be connected to demonstrable business value. We can help you make strategic technology purchases that support your business goals and initiatives.

You may reach InfoSystems by phone (423) 624-6551, email, or instant message. Please feel free to use the method of contact that is the most convenient for you.