ETS S2, E2, Part 2 – Manage Your Enterprise Applications with IBM Power

Keith Hales - COO, InfoSystems

Robert Goodwin - Sr. Director of Engineering Services, InfoSystems


DOWNLOAD - IBM Power9 Family Overview

IBM Platinum Business Partner LogoIBM Power servers have a reputation of being extremely easy to manage. It has been said that for every one IBM Power server administrator a company would need ten Microsoft Windows server administrators. In this episode of the Enterprise Tech Spotlight podcast, Keith and Robert discuss how and why IBM Power server environments can be managed so easily and efficiently.

They also discuss the different management options for IBM Power servers. Companies can choose to manage their servers in-house, outsource their server management through an on-premise remote monitoring and management provider, or choose to host their servers in the Cloud. Many companies who have been running their own servers for years and years may not even be aware of the options they have moving forward (such as Cloud), thanks to all of the advancements IBM has made with Cloud integration and deployment.

Listen to the full episode to learn about the many benefits companies will experience with each different IBM Power server management model.