Secure Hosting for Your Always-on Business-critical Workloads

Our Production-ready Cloud offers a level of redundancy and power normally only available to very large enterprise companies with the immense budget, physical space, and scarce IT specialists required to build their own high-powered datacenters. We have taken the 20+ years of experience and skills we have gained building out datacenters and networks for Fortune 50 customers, and built an enterprise-quality datacenter of our own. By leveraging partnerships with our premium hardware and software vendors, we created a Cloud that weaves in technologies normally only utilized for the most demanding, fail-safe environments.

Production-ready Cloud offers these distinct benefits:


Fully Redundant for Production Hosting

Businesses cannot afford to lose valuable hours and days of production time due to IT outages - that is a direct hit to your bottom line. The major point of consideration for companies thinking about using the Cloud for production workloads must begin with tolerance for downtime. We built the Production-ready Cloud platform in the region's only certified Tier 3 datacenter that has delivered 100% availability. Our infrastructure includes dynamic swap and failover at every possible level, allowing for planned maintenance and upgrades without disruption. With our Production-ready Cloud, your IT is in safe hands, giving you the ability to focus on your business.


Annual Service Level Agreement

Many public Cloud platforms only offer a monthly Service Level Agreement (SLA), which means if they fall short one month, they immediately start on a clean slate the following month. InfoSystems is the Cloud provider that stands behind our technology with a 99.99% availability commitment backed with an annual SLA. If an SLA is a representation of the quality of service you will be provided and the risk that your service provider is willing to assume, then the hyper scale Cloud providers should be seen as a very risky proposition for business-critical production workloads.


Built with Premium Equipment

Hyper scale Cloud platforms are often built with mass-produced "white box" components that are cheap to replace. Our enterprise-quality Production-ready Cloud platform is built with premium branded components from our long-term technology partners. This means that our environment receives the same enterprise-level support and maintenance as datacenters built by premier global companies. Our Cloud is secure, powerful, and built to last. We can easily upgrade and expand our environment with the same premium components to deliver flexibility and scalability as our customers' needs change over time.


Competitively Priced

To be fair, hyper scale Cloud offerings do provide a great value for various purposes. Development, testing, or non-critical applications might work just fine in a public Cloud environment. Of course, in our opinion, since our Production-ready Cloud is priced competitively with public Cloud offerings, we're not sure why you wouldn't use our Cloud for all your needs.