IT Assessments

The IT assessment is key to meeting your business goals. All our assessments are consultative and unbiased. We use them to create a benchmark and determine where you stand today versus where you want to take your business.

We’ll create a gap analysis and an executable plan in order of urgency, fixing important issues first and moving on from there by order of magnitude and cost.

Our assessments include the following steps:

  • A site visit to evaluate your current environment
  • Developing an agreed-upon list of questions and a plan to get answers
  • Gathering information, either with your in-house team or by permission
  • Creating an executable plan, arranged in order of urgency, with concrete steps to reach your goal

We use a simple formula to guide our evaluations:

The measurement of your current environment + best practices + your business goals = executable plan

Assess current environment to determine what should move to the Cloud and develop a Cloud migration plan.

Infrastructure assessment and consolidation of critical data.

Determine statutory requirements (HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) assessments, audits, and compliance) and perform a gap analysis.

Business continuity assessment and disaster recovery planning.