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Data Storage and Compliance Assessment

Learn from the best. InfoSystems has the most advanced Data Storage team in the region.

InfoSystems has been engineering advanced Data Storage solutions for 20+ years. All projects are managed by our Project Management Office and are supported by established business processes and professional services automation software. Our customers range from Fortune 50 sized global organizations to small offices and mid-sized businesses around the Southeastern U.S.


Why should you get a Data Storage Assessment?
  • Address explosive data growth and constant need to expand storage
  • Assess current performance issues affecting your systems
  • Prior to a large project / implementation to ensure clean and green environment
  • Periodic health checks / tune ups will keep systems running optimally

InfoSystems will assess and provide full documentation on your current Data Storage environment, including: 

  • Usable capacity vs allocated capacity
  • Current code level vs latest code level
  • Error check results
  • Configuration check results
  • Base performance statistics (if possible)

Once the assessment is complete, you will have the option to proceed with our Project Management team to provide recommended solutions with execution path, remediation plans for all issues noted in your assessment, and enhanced design documentation of your current storage system.

The InfoSystems Advantage

  • Deep expertise from enterprise data centers down to small and mid-sized business solutions
  • Expertise across vendors and platforms - IBM, Dell EMC, HPE, Infinidat, and more
  • Physical implementations into the rack
  • InfoSystems Cloud Storage built on enterprise-grade equipment
  • Advanced backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) including Cloud DRaaS
  • Easy Cloud exit - Physical access to your data and no data extraction fees

FACT – Data Storage is experiencing explosive growth across industries.

You need a regional Data Storage partner you can trust to do the right thing.

Assessing each component of your IT systems with a Senior Architect from InfoSystems will allow you to understand the “why” and “how” behind a recommended IT deployment strategy. InfoSystems has specialists with deep expertise in compute, storage, virtualization, networking, security, and each of the other areas that make up a fully-baked IT solution. You can trust our team to build and deliver IT systems that combine technologies from leading manufacturers and our own Production-ready Cloud environment, into the most effective solution for your unique situation.

Data Storage Growth

FACT – You must understand RISK, COST, and PERFORMANCE to make the best IT investments.


To understand Risk you need to look at the resource pool available to support and maintain your IT system components, the environment in which the IT systems will be housed, the quality and type of components that are implemented, and many other factors – then make the best decision based on the facts.


To assess the true cost of your IT systems, you will need to look beyond the fixed cost of hardware and know the associated costs of full-time employees, the utilization % of IT system components, maintenance contracts, licensing, security requirements, and the availability of tools which can impact efficiency.


There is a distinct difference between the reactive management and the proactive monitoring of system performance. In a reactive model, companies simply respond to technology issues/failures as they happen, resulting in planned and unplanned downtime and disruptions to normal business operations. Proactive monitoring allows companies to monitor system performance, identifying inefficiencies and thresholds that require attention. Proactive monitoring allows companies to tune systems for max performance and intervene before disruptions occur.