Josh Davis
Josh Davis
Mar. 1, 2016

Webinar Recap: NASA’s Daunting Attack Surface

InfoSystems' webinar series, "Don't Let Your CEO Lose Sleep Over This" continued February 25th with its third installment, "NASA Knows Best: Handling a Daunting Attack Surface." The special guest, Former NASA CIO Larry Sweet, shared important security insight during this 30 minute webcast with a LIVE Q&A at the end.

If you missed out, here are some of the main points. Don't forget you can always register and watch the archived version!

What do hackers want from NASA?

Many hacks boil down to the pride of breaching a globally-recognized organization. Hacktivism--hacking for socially or politically motivated purposes--is a recent trend made popular by the international network "Anonymous." In addition, nation-states are starting to hack international organizations like NASA in an attempt to steal technology. Who knew space was so competitive?

What best practices does NASA recommend?

  • Recognize you are vulnerable
  • Know when you've been breached
  • Keep your eyes wide open
  • Stay flexible, ready for change

Are international partnerships dangerous?

You're only as strong as your weakest link! NASA runs a huge risk with its international partnerships, but they manage that risk by never sharing more than enough information, learning from mistakes, and accepting that not all risk can be eliminated.