Josh Davis
Josh Davis
Jan. 1, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions for Your IT Department

New Years Resolutions are the same every year. Lose weight, eat healthy, be a better person, don't worry as much, quit [insert bad habit]--nothing new! And the all share the same deadly characteristic, to their demise-- unreachable grandiosity.

scrabble letters typing out happy new year

Regardless of the resolutions, they are all grand-scale and, more importantly, missing the less-extravagant step-by-step initiatives to make them happen. Since the formerly ambitious individual finds themselves having given up on their goals by mid-February, they are in the same place when the year is old as they were when the year was new. The only way to beat the cycle is to make some practical steps.

So, rather than aspire to being the next famous YouTube star or go an entire year without falling for an internet hoax... Let's set some more achievable goals.

1) Pay more attention to cyber security.

This step could be as large as purchasing an identity-theft protection plan, or as small as using new passwords when you sign up for additional websites. Keep your passwords in a password-protected app on your cell phone; better yet, make the password for that app a password you don't use for any other online application. Make sure your passwords include a capital letter, numbers, and symbols on every website, not just the ones that require such.

2) Transition to the cloud. 

If 2015 was the year of the cloud, 2016 is the year you will wish you transitioned before you get left behind. The cloud provides so many extra amenities, constant updates, security, and price benefits that you can't afford not to. There are risks associated with every new trend, but cloud has proven it's here to stay, which means the services, options, and amenities are only going to get better.

3)  Try one thing you've never considered before. 

The internet and world of technology is a vast, exciting world. Research new applications for your smart phone that can improve your productivity; talk to different IT providers about what they offer that your current provider doesn't, and see how they compete; when you hear someone "speaking Geek" and you don't understand, do some research. 

Who knows what new product or technology 2016 will be the "Year Of..."? Clearly, we have a lot to look forward to. Make sure, when 2017 rolls around, you are looking back at some failures and  some successes, but not a single "I wish I had..."