Josh Davis
Josh Davis
Jan. 13, 2016

“Lifting the Fog from the Cloud” On-Demand

If you missed out on the latest installment of "Don't Let Your CEO Lose Sleep Over This," you can still catch it on demand. If you registered and missed the event, simply click "Watch" and enter your email address. If you did not register, simply click "Register," fill out the form, and then click "Watch" to view the webinar!

"Stop Saying Cloud"

That is Arrow Cloud Practice Leader James Morrison's advice for demystifying the Cloud and its many functions. Too many times we just flippantly throw the word "Cloud" out, when we really mean... well, what do we really mean? It's hard to understand Cloud when even the most trusted industry experts struggle to give a clear definition. But let's face it; we all have questions.

  • What is Cloud?
  • How fast are things converting?
  • Where do I start?
  • What does the future of Cloud look like?
  • Why are people afraid of Cloud?

In this value packed 30 minute webcast, InfoSystems' own Mike Caffrey sits down with industry expert James Morrison to answer questions like these, and more. In the process, they also debunk a few of the popular myths about Cloud, such as "Everything is cheaper in Cloud."

No matter what field you are in, and apparently whether you like it or not, Cloud is going to be a game changer over the next 5 years. Whether you've already migrated, are just starting the process, or haven't even thought about it, Mike and James have valuable information you can't afford to miss out on. Register and watch today!