Josh Davis
Josh Davis
Nov. 9, 2015

Fail Fast, Learn Faster: Is it Time to Try Cloud?

This is the age of Fail Fast, Learn Faster. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check this out, and come right back!

fail fast and learn faster

Failure is inevitable, but the most seasoned among us know often the best learning moments come at the hands of failure. New age companies know this, too, and they embrace it.

You might be wonder how failing (a seemingly negative experience) could be better when done more quickly and evenmore frequently.

Failures start with trying—innovating, iterating.

The road to great inventions and successes is paved with failed attempts.

So we’re NOT talking about disastrous failure. We’re not talking about a Darwin Award failure; we’re talking about an Edison’s lightbulb failure. It’s the failures of believing so much in a project or solution that you work tirelessly for months just to create the filament.  After 9,000 tries, Edison said “Success is almost in my grasp.” After over 10,000 attempts, he got it right.

If failing was more final than trying, we wouldn’t know General Motors, Hilton Hotels, Disneyland and World, or even Walmart.

On the other hand, today’s economic hamster wheel turns many times faster than it did 50 years ago.  Made possible by the onset of the digital age, Ray Kurzweils’ “Law of Accelerating Returns” tells us that not only does change occur faster today than ever.  But next year, next month, and even tomorrow promises more speed.

In our recent history, stock market “adjustments” are recovering faster and our last recession was shorter than anyone predicted. There will always be peaks and valleys; digitalization just makes the time between peaks and valleys shorter.

Fail Fast is about staying relevant at the speed of business. I’ve said all this to say that a willingness to buy outcomes in the form of Cloud and Managed Services may be a critical component to your success. With tens of thousands of options, they won’t all work for your business, but you’ll never know if you don’t try.