Josh Davis
Josh Davis
Apr. 6, 2016

5 Signs it Might be Time for a vCIO

You’ve probably heard about our virtual CIO offering that replaces a salaried position with our vCIO and his team of hourly experts. You’ve heard it’s cost effective, easier, and beneficial, but the idea of not having someone on-site probably freaks you out.

We get that! And, while virtual CIO may not be for everyone, we want to make it easy for you to tell if it’s for you! So, check out this list of signs that it might be time for your company to hire a vCIO. 

person hovering over a blueprint

1. Your IT department is your cousin’s friend, Joe.

He doesn’t run the department; he is the department. Good ol’ Joe! Maybe he’s had a few years of “experience in technology” (fixing computers at his old job), and he probably came highly recommended by some friends and family members. With our vCIO program, you don't get just one guy. You get a whole team of experts with decades of experience.

2. Joe pretty much just fixes what’s broken.

The only thing worse than having no IT department is having a non-strategic IT department. Sure, Joe can patch the holes, but is he looking at the big picture? Is it possible that you have multiple solutions solving the same problem, or even not solving a problem at all? It might not seem like it now, but Joe may be costing your company money! In other words, if you aren't worried about disaster recovery, system optimization, and security for your cloud apps, Joe probably isn't either.

yellow cutout of a person over other people

3. Joe doesn’t know it’s broken until you tell him.

Since Joe isn’t much of a “strategy” guy, he’s kind of waiting for you to tell him what the problem is. With our vCIO program, you get automation--automated reports, alerts, and even fixes. We can build automation into your system. Can Joe?

4. Geek Squad is asking you about a 401k plan.

Joe isn’t really a one-man show. He can’t fix everything; and, if one of his brothers can’t fix it either, you’re paying the local technology service subsidiary. Do they know what they’re doing? Sure! But do they have the best interest and future of your company at heart? No, like Joe, they're probably just going to fix what you asked them to fix.The InfoSystems' vCIO, although part-time, will gain insight on your company's past, present, and future. 

5. Joe just called in sick.

Okay, maybe Joe didn’t call in today, but does he ever call in? Better yet, does he go home at 5 p.m. like everyone else? So, what happens when your key application goes down at 3 a.m., or, worse, your email goes down at 4:57 p.m.? Where is Joe? Probably headed home a few minutes early and not answering his cell phone. 

Maybe your Joe isn’t all that bad, but did something in this list get your gears turning? If so, it may be time for a virtual CIO. Even if you pay Joe a hefty salary, you only get what he can provide. Get an InfoSystems vCIO and let our team get you back on track and your company out in front!

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