About Us

Since our founding in 1994, InfoSystems has stayed current with technology, invested heavily in hiring and training top talent, and established strong service offerings.


We can provide ongoing technology support, or we can provide support on an as-needed basis. Our service models are designed for extensive customization. The InfoSystems team can create specific solutions to meet any business demand.

Our History

From simple beginnings in 1994, InfoSystems has grown into one of the most successful business technology providers in the Chattanooga, Nashville, and Knoxville areas.

Service Area

We offer Enterprise IT services and remote support nationwide. Our on-site IT support for small and mid-sized businesses is typically provided within Tennessee and the surrounding regions - North Georgia, North Alabama, Kentucky, Southwest Virginia, and the Western Carolinas.

Executive Leadership

From Founder and CEO Clay Hales to our sales, administration, technology, and service leaders, InfoSystems has built a stellar team of professionals.


Clay Hales, InfoSystems’ founder and CEO, knows that InfoSystems’ success could not have happened without the grace of God. For this reason, InfoSystems actively supports missionary work.

Community Engagement

InfoSystems strives to cultivate strong community relationships in the Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Nashville areas.


Take your IT career to the next level. Join the InfoSystems family. (

Our Certifications

A Broad Range of Certifications and Training

We strive to ensure that we provide the most professional and knowledgeable service personnel in the IT industry. Our ongoing commitment to excellence and training helps us serve our clients better and develop the best possible relationships with our business partners and vendors.

Here is a list of our current technical certifications:


  • Overview – Business Networks
  • Overview – Data Center
  • Drafting the Data Center Concept
  • Preparation and Assessment Business Network
  • Rack Air Containment – Data Center


  • Backup Certification Pre-sales Engineer
  • PowerVault Unified Storage with FluidFS Sales Overview
  • Security Competency Overview
  • Systems Management Competency Overview
  • Delivering VDI Effectively with VMware and Dell
  • Windows 8 Pro and Dell Devices Overview
  • Backup Certified Product Specialist


  • Certified Network Engineer (BCNE)
  • Certified Fabric Professional Gen %


  • Certified Network Associate (CCNA) – Routing and Switches
  • Certified Design Professional (CCDP)
  • Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switches
  • Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist
  • Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist
  • Express Foundation Systems Engineer Representative
  • Unified Computing Specialist
  • CCIE (Written portion)
  • Meraki


  • A+
  • Server+


  • Administrator


  • Blade Server Solutions - Technical v3 0613
  • Data Center and Campus Networking v2 0114
  • Data Center for Desktop
  • Data Protection – Encryption
  • Networking OS 9 CLI Basics
  • Networking OS 9 Configuration
  • Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK) Overview v2 0314
  • Support Services
  • Blade Server Solutions - Technical v3 0613
  • Cloud Overview
  • Compellent Quote Center v3 – 0912
  • Compellent Storage Center Overview/Installation
  • Compellent Top Gun Storage Architect Technical v3 1013
  • Data Center and Campus Networking v2 0114
  • Data Protection Competency
  • EqualLogic Technical v4 – 1213
  • Fluid Cache for SAN Sales Overview
  • IBM Lenovo Competitive Server Messaging v2 0714
  • Introduction User Workspace Management
  • Microsoft XP Migration
  • PowerEdge VRTX
  • Technical Overview v2 0414
  • SC Series Product Line Overview v5 0415
  • Security Competency Overview v2 0214
  • Server Basics v5 0713
  • SonicWALL Technical v4 0814
  • Storage Competitive Knowledge Base
  • Storage Technical Whiteboard Workshop
  • Systems Management Competency Overview v2 0814
  • Using DR Appliance Rapid Data Access Feature with NetVault Backup


  • VSPEX Blue Modules – SE Portion
  • VCE vBlock Modules – SE Portion
  • Technology Foundations – Sales and Technology
  • Technology Foundations Maintenance – Sales and Technology


  • Selling HP Converged Infrastructure Solutions
  • Enterprise Server Solutions and Services 2014
  • Selling HPE Enterprise Solutions
  • HP ATP – Server Solutions v2 (Technical Certification)
  • Storage Solutions and Services 2014
  • HP ATP -- FlexNetwork Solutions v2 (Technical Certification)
  • Foundations of HP Storage Solutions
  • Designing HP SMB Storage Solutions


  • Enterprise Storage Technical Support V3
  • IBM Certified Associate – Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1
  • Certified Deployment Professional – Storage Productivity Center V5.1
  • Certified Infrastructure Systems Architect
  • Architect – Cloud Computing Infrastructure V1
  • Technical Support
  • High Volume Storage Fundamentals V3
  • High-End Tape Technical Solutions V7
  • Midrange Storage Technical Support V3
  • Storwize V7000 Technical Support V3
  • System Storage DS8000 Technical Solutions V3
  • XIV Storage System Technical Solutions V4
  • IBM FlashSystem Technical Solutions
  • IBM Hosted SaaS
  • Entry Sales Professional v1
  • Midrange Storage Technical Support V3


  • IT Service Management


  • PSA Specialist and Ignite Specialist


  • Servicing the x3550 M5 and x3650 M5 type 5463 and 5462 (GX71297)
  • Servicing System x Servers and options
  • Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Technology Brief (XW5173)
  • Using IBM ToolsCenter for the IBM Flex System (GX40759)
  • Integrated Management Module (IMM) Technology Brief (XW5180)
  • Servicing the IBM x3850 X5 and x3850 X5 M/T7145, 7146 (XW2052)


  • MiVoice Desktop MSP 2014, Office MSP 2014, Business MCD 6.0, Business Rel 7.0 and 7.1 Networking, clustering, and resiliency I+M update self-study, 7.1 Standalone Hospitality Self-Study, Border Gateway rel 8.1, 9.0, and 9.1 I+M Update self-study, and Office (5000) rel 6.0
  • MiCollab Audio, web, and video conferencing rel 5.0, Client (UCA) rel 6.0, and MSP 2014, (MAS) 5.0, MCA 5.0
  • MiContact Center Business and Enterprise MSP 2014
  • Mitel Border Gateway MBG rel 8.0 I+M Self Study
  • Introduction to IPv6 Recorded Workshop
  • NuPoint Unified Messaging rel 6.01+M Update Self-Study
  • Border Gateway Pimer Self Study
  • MSL 10.0
  • MiCC 7.0
  • Phone Manager Release 4.2 Installation & Maintenance
  • Standard Linux Virtual Appliance rel 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3 I+M Update Self Study

Palo Alto

  • Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) Exam PAN- OS 7.0 and 6.1


  • Online Technical Trainings: ACD Implementation, Basic Admin, Overview


  • Introduction

The Open Group

  • TOGAF9

Trend Micro

  • Deep Security


  • Security Competency Overview v2 0214
  • Certified Prof. Exam Module 1 Product Knowledge, 4 Basic Trouble Shooting, 2 Technologies/Environments, 3 Installations/ configurations, Business support
  • Certified Profession L1
  • Enterprise Backup
  • ReliableDR


  • VSP - Backup and Replication, VMware


  • 103 Series Certification


  • Data center virtualization
  • vSphere 5
  • vSphere 5.1 Install, Configure, Manage
  • vSphere with Operations Management
  • VTPS 2015, MGMT, 5, and 4