InfoSystems' Virtual Team is a Block Hour Agreement!

Sometimes, it's hard to anticipate what your needs will be months, or even weeks, in advance. On the other hand, when you need a service, it hardly seems practical to draw up a Statement of Work every time you require an IT service. For that reason, InfoSystems created “Block of Hours” agreements – your virtual information systems team. 

Get the skills you need, whenever you need them! More importantly, don't pay for them when you don't! Need a network consultant to help troubleshoot your slow application response time? Need a storage consultant to review your Disaster Recovery Plan? How about an engineer to install your new desktop computers? Only InfoSystems can give you concierge IT services for one low monthly price..

An example of skills offered by a Block Hours Agreement: 

  • Desktop setup and break/fix support (including laptop)
    Let InfoSystems advise and setup your new or upgraded workplace. 
  • Network and Telephony services
    It's surprising to some how much time can be wasted when an office has poorly designed data network and telephony systems. 
  • Server and Storage implementation and optimization 
    We offer implementation and optimization services with every product we sell!

InfoSystems' engineers and consultants comprise a highly-skilled team that employs some of the most sophisticated tools in the industry. Look for scheduled services and after-hours break/fix services that allow you to run your business – and NOT your servers and applications 

Astounding Benefits

  • You determine how many hours you need 
  • Hours can carry over from month to month 
  • Pay in advance and get a discount on your blended rate 
  • Call and Email support 

** Project Work exceeding 10 hrs is NOT covered under a Block Hour Agreement. Call for clarification.