Vendor Management

Most small and medium sized businesses have had to strip their IT departments down to the bone.  Are your IT guys overworked? Are your highly skilled IT guys forced to maintain aging systems.  Most businesses in this class have had to supplement their needs with multiple vendor contracts to survive.  Years ago, it might have felt like a temporary measure – but now you’ve found the new “normal”.

The InfoSystems vCIO offering can be selected on its own but most people complement their Managed Services contract with a service delivery manager, our vCIO. The vCIO with the strength of InfoSystems engineers behind him, can tackle any IT problem or project.

With InfoSystems, your IT direction is simplified.  Consolidate your multiple vendor contracts into one.  And in doing so, you may be surprised by the price of having us as a single provider.

The Benefits of Managing the Vendor (InfoSystems)

  • Set a service level expectation
  • Control costs
  • Delegate responsibility for some or all services to vendor
  • When project work is required – expect true project management

The difference between managing InfoSystems and managing a contractor

When you manage InfoSystems, you are managing the service.  If the service doesn’t meet your expectations, you can escalate.  And if you reach an impasse with an InfoSystems engineer, you request another.  Your investment in training your vendor and the experience gained is preserved.

Contractors still need to be managed – by you.  Oftentimes, contractor managers aren’t technical enough and have limited resources for creative and focused problem resolution. 

InfoSystems has deep bench with a variety of enterprise data center skills.  Contractors are equipped with the skills they arrived with.  At InfoSystems, we have not only engineers, but manufacturer relationships with access to their skills, and knowledge of manufacturer processes that can bring a spotlight to our customers toughest issues.

The difference between managing InfoSystems and managing employees

When you manage InfoSystems, you are holding InfoSystems responsible for the service.  When your problems occur while on your employees watch, you need to consider feelings, political relationships, and even chain of command.  Your relationship with InfoSystems is only about the service.

Sometimes, your employees are lacking the required skills to get to root cause and remedy the problem. At InfoSystems, if we don’t have the skills to properly address your problem, we can act quicker than most of our customers in securing what we need, when we need it.   

InfoSystems carries skillsets for multiple manufacturers because we have to support customers with multiple manufacturers.  Most customers have invested in technology and manufacturers that they chose… when it comes to “best of breed”, a fresh look from InfoSystems engineers that are tasked with keeping their skills current allows us to look objectively at customer challenges and offer creative solutions.

It’s worth a look!

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