Service Level

The vCIO, and Service Level Management

If you cannot recall your service level objectives, you probably have none.  SLO’s are only meaningful if they are documented, measured, and reported.  SLO’s represent a commitment by your IT provider to its customers for services provided.

At InfoSystems, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service.  Your vCIO, and his extended team are all measured by that service expectation.  Should our customers feel like service levels are in jeopardy or even failed, multiple escalation paths are available for remediation up to, and involving InfoSystems top executives.  The InfoSystems vCIO  is the most prominent and vital service we offer.

Categories of SLO that can be managed by your vCIO

  • Service Levels managed
    • Requests for work orders
    • Tasks covered under "Block Hour Agreements"
    • Problem management
      • Communication
      • Resolution
    • Change management
      • Communication
      • Coordination
  • Project Management - defined work that exceeds 10 hours
    • Resource, Time, Scope managed
    • Milestones delivered on time, within budget

The vCIO Difference

The Virtual CIO is not for everyone.  But if consistent IT services is important or if inconsistent IT service provision has become a distraction from your business, then the vCIO can offer fast and tangible relief. 

Service is all that matters!

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