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When you need to predict the future of your student retention,
StREAM Student Success System can help.

college studentEvery student lost to attrition is a loss on the balance sheet of the institution. A recent study by the Educational Policy Institute found that losses at publicly-assisted colleges and universities through just the 2010-2011 academic year averaged $13.2 million dollars per institution.

StREAM Student Success System from InfoSystems harnesses the power of existing enterprise data to improve student retention and progression with tools leveraged by counselors and administrators for decision support. How does StREAM from InfoSystems do this:

  1. The solution analyzes existing data and translates it to action for school administrators.
  2. StREAM’s student behavior engine tracks student activity and system interaction to predict likely outcomes.

Why StREAM Student Success System from InfoSystems?

  • StREAM installation and deployment happens at a fraction of the timeframe as competing solutions.
    In a typical installation you only need 1 FTE, 2 virtual machines (VMs), and 3 days of indexing time.
  • Your data stays inside your datacenter.
    This is an on-premise solution, and your data is not exposed to shared cloud environments.
  • Engine “tuning” can improve analytics accuracy to the 90th percentile.
    As more data is added to the analytics engine, the system self-learning algorithms substantially improve predictability.
  • StREAM has the granularity that competing solutions lack.
    Competing solutions analyze population segments, across all fields of study. StREAM analyzes students against their respective degree programs for a more accurate comparison of students to their field of study.
  • InfoSystems is a trusted partner with a great track record of building customer relationships for the past 20+ years.

Find out more today about what StREAM can do for your student success rates.
Contact us for an assessment of your institution.

University System Use Case – StREAM Analytics Software:
Award Winning Student Retention, Engagement and Attainment

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Please join InfoSystems as we host the U.S. landing party for StREAM – Award Winning Student Retention, Engagement and Attainment Analytics software from SolutionPath, which is transforming student journeys in Europe, and has now been tailored for the US Higher Education sector.

Presented by:

  • Mike Day, CIO at Nottingham Trent University – StREAM User and Advocate
  • Howard Hall, DTP/SolutionPath Director – StREAM Founder
  • Richard Gascoigne, SolutionPath Director – StREAM Architect and Developer

Hosted by InfoSystems:

  • Bruce Briggs, Sr. Higher Education Consultant for InfoSystems
  • Glenn Drawdy, VP of Engineering for InfoSystems
  • Mike Caffrey, Chief Strategist for InfoSystems

When: 7P Tuesday, Aug. 11th, 2015

Where: Boston Marriott Long Wharf

296 State St.
Boston, MA 02109

1.3 Miles from the Boston Convention Center

Register: RSVP preferred but not required

Beer, wine, Hors d’oeuvres provided

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