• August 14, 2013
  •   Chattanooga Convention Center -
  •  1150 Carter St., Chattanooga

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Keynote Address

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Solving the Security Strategy Puzzle
Tony Trama, IBM Certified Professional Channel Account Manager


Technology has changed everything: one billion mobile workers, BYOD, cloud and virtualization, social business, 1 trillion connected objects. How do you manage security and stay competitive, effective and productive?
Threats range from national security to greed, to just plain meanness.
Tony will review the evolving threats facing today's organizations and how IBM Security Systems helps customers deal with them. Hear about the IBM Security Framework and the three pillars on which IBM Security Systems' strategy is built: Intelligence, Integration and Expertise.
Learn how others are solving the complex, four-dimensional puzzle of people, data, applications and infrastructure with a new approach to thinking differently about security. Download a PDF of Tony's PowerPoint presentation from the event.







  • Early Registration - 10:00 a.m.
  • Round One Breakouts – 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
  • Registration for Lunch & Keynote - 11:30 a.m.
  • Lunch and Keynote - 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
  • Round Two Breakouts - 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
  • Round Three Breakouts - 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
  • Round Four Breakouts - 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.



Join InfoSystems for a day of technology conversations and demonstrations from some of the biggest names in business technology. Come at your convenience...visit the areas that interest you the most.

The Showcase will feature on-site interactive demos by experts from:

  • Barracuda - Enterprise Security and Social Media Risks
  • IBM DS Series Storage - New Features, Functions & Benefits
  • IBM FlashSystem - Smarter IBM Flash-Optimized Storage
  • IBM Power - Powering Industry with Data Driven Insights
  • IBM ProtecTIER - Protect More, Store Less with ProtecTIER Data Deduplication
  • IBM PureSystems – Live Demo of the Game-Changing Technology from IBM
  • IBM Security - Solving the Security Puzzle "Deep Dive"
  • IBM V7000 & V3700 - IBM System Storage with Real-time Compression
  • IBM XIV - IBM System Storage XIV
  • InfoSystems iAssurance Breakout Session - How iAssurance Helped a Local Customer
  • InfoSystems Demo - Live Demo of the Flex System Manager Mobile Application for Monitoring and Managing IBM PureSystems and V3700 Storage
  • Market Street Solutions - Big Data & Analytics
  • Mitel - Virtualized Voice in the Data Center and Mitel Freedom Architecture
  • Noloki - The Reality of HIPAA, HITECH and Omnibus Rule in 2013
  • Qlogic - 8200 Virtual Fabric Adapter
  • Ruckus Wireless - Simply the Smartest Wireless for a Mobile World
  • Unitrends - What Most Backup Vendors Don't Want You to Know
  • VEEAM - Newest Features for VMware and Hyper-V Backup & Replication
  • VMware - Simplifying the New World of End-User Computing with VMware Horizon Suite


Breakout Sessions

"Enterprise Security and Social Media Risks" By Steve Pao, Barracuda GM for Security.

Learn about how to secure your organization's core information assets against new risks created by the changing landscape of social media, mobility and the evolving threat landscape.

Steve will discuss how Barracuda leverages virtualization, cloud and hosted technology to deliver world class solutions, as well as challenges and best practices with BYOD, Next Gen Firewalling and Application Delivery while transitioning your IT infrastructure to the cloud.


IBM DS3500 and DCS3700
“New Features, Functions and Benefits of the DS3500 and DCS3700 Storage Systems,” by Bob Degler, E-Series Southeast Channel Manager, Net App OEM Field Sales

Learn about:

  • "Worry Free" Storage
  • IP Replication
  • Performance Read Cache
  • Plus, all the latest changes and upgrades to IBM's hottest selling Storage products!


IBM FlashSystem
“Flash Arrays,” presented by Chris Gilbert, IBM Flash Expert

Flash technology is rapidly defining the new landscape of computing. IBM flash storage is extreme performance, microsecond latency storage that easily integrates to help businesses make decisions faster. IBM’s recent acquisition of Texas Memory Systems (TMS) extends IBM's leadership in flash optimized storage infrastructures. In this breakout session, you will learn about:

  • Flash Market – Flash in the enterprise
  • The RamSan Brand – Products and features
  • Use Cases for RamSan – Where to use RamSan


IBM Power
"Gaining Insights from Analytics - is Your Infrastructure Ready for Compute Intensive Workloads like Analytics," Presenter Jack Schrass, IBM Partner Advocate, Power Systems for AIX and Linux

Every two days we create as much data as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. Companies are turning to analytics to help them drive insights from the huge data growth to increase competitiveness. In fact, companies that used analytics were 2.2x more likely to outperform their industry peers. The world is changing and IT is playing an increasingly critical role in driving business growth and innovation. Are you ready for what's next? Find out how IBM Power Systems helps businesses reduce cost, improve IT efficiency, and enable new workloads like analytics.


“5 Most Common Ways Businesses Lose Data,” by Barton Fisk, IBM ProtecTIER Field Technical Sales Specialist

Learn how IBM ProtecTIER helps prevent data loss by addressing the five most common issues:

  • Not assuring data integrity
  • Not planning for scalability
  • Not replicating critical data
  • Not planning for fast recovery
  • Not using highly available architectures


IBM PureSystems
“Expert Integrated Systems,” presentedy by Raymond Johnson, IBM PureSystems Specialist

Discover IBM's game-changing "expert integrated" PureSystems technology. PureSystems combines the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload – fundamentally changing the experience and economics of IT. PureSystems are defined by the following attributes, each helping clients to focus IT efforts on furthering competitive advantage:

  • Built-in expertise – Best practices and expertise have been captured and automated, reducing manual steps that impact a project’s time to value.
  • Integration by Design - All hardware and software components are pre-packaged in the factory into a single ready-to-go system – integrated, tuned and optimized for your business.
  • Simplified Experience - PureSystems are simply ordered, unpacked, plugged in and managed as a single system with a single easy interface, making every part of the IT lifecycle easier.


IBM Security
"Solving the Security Strategy Puzzle, Deep Dive" by Dana Levy Zaba, Sr. Practice Leader, Security & Automation, IBM Software

Get an insider’s “behind the scenes” view of the IBM X Force Security Trends Report. The IBM X-Force Trend and Risk Report is produced twice per year: once at mid-year and once at year-end. This report provides statistical information about all aspects of threats that affect Internet security, including software vulnerabilities and public exploitation, malware, spam, phishing, web-based threats, and general cyber criminal activity.


IBM System Storage V7000 & V3700
“Smarter Storage with IBM V7000 & V3700,” by Carter Pitman, Channel Technical Sales Specialist - Storage

Learn about the IBM Storwize V7000 all-in-one storage solution with Real-time Compression technology: 

  • Delivers sophisticated enterprise-class storage function for businesses of all sizes
  • Supports growing business requirements while controlling costs
  • Provides up to 200 percent performance improvement with automatic migration to high-performing SSDs2
  • Enables storing up to five times as much active data in the same physical disk space using IBM Real-time Compression
  • Consolidates block and file storage in a single system for simplicity and greater efficiency
  • Enables near-continuous availability of applications through dynamic migration
  • Supports faster and more efficient data copies for online backup, testing or data mining
  • Offers flexible server and storage management with easy to use GUI for block and file storage management

Learn about the IBM V3700 entry-level storage system designed to address growing data requirements and server consolidation needs: 

  • Easily managed and deployed system with embedded graphical user interface based on the IBM Storwize interface design
  • Experience rapid, flexible provisioning and simple configuration changes with internal virtualization and thin provisioning
  • Have continuous access to data with integrated non-disruptive migration
  • Protect data with sophisticated remote mirroring and integrated IBM FlashCopy® technology
  • Benefit from advanced functionality and reliability usually only found in more expensive systems


“Proven High-end Disk Storage Designed for Predictable, High Performance and Unmatched Ease of Use," Tom Stallworth, IBM Technical Team Manager

Learn how IBM XIV Storage can:

  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Lower power and cooling costs
  • Lower storage management costs
  • Improve capacity usage
  • Provide consistent performance that grows as capacity grows, without the need for tuning or manual scripts to rebalance the workload.
  • Deliver exceptional TCO – an outstanding price-performance value


InfoSystems Demo - IBM Flex System Manager and V3700
“Monitoring and Managing IBM PureSystems from your Mobile Device with Flex System Manager,” by Brett Kerns & Kevin McKenzie, InfoSystems Senior Network Engineer

Kevin will remotely log in to the IBM PureSystems install in the InfoSystems Business Partner Innovation Center (BPIC) to demonstrate the functionality of IBM Flex System Manager from an iPad. InfoSystems was the first to implement IBM PureSystems in Chattanooga, and has the only BPIC in Tennessee, Georgia or Alabama.

IBM Flex System Manager is a simple, free tool for mobile devices running on the Android, BlackBerry or iOS operating system, which enables you to monitor your IBM Flex System and PureFlex System hardware remotely. This application gives you access to the following types of system information:

  • Health and Status - Monitor health problems and check the status of managed resources
  • Event Log - View the event history for chassis, compute nodes, and network devices
  • Chassis Map (hardware view) - Check the front and rear graphical hardware views for a chassis
  • Chassis List (components view) - View a list of the hardware components installed in a chassis
  • Inventory Management - See the Vital Product Data (VPD) for a managed resource (for example, serial number or IP address
  • Multiple Chassis Management - Manage multiple chassis and multiple management nodes from a single application with the IBM Flex System Manager
  • Authentication and Security - Manage connections across secure and persistent protocols such as SSL and secure persistent credentials on your mobile device


InfoSystems iAssurance Breakout Session

"How iAssurance Helped a Local Customer," presented by Nate Hood, InfoSystems Solutions Specialist


Market Street Solutions - "Big Data & Analytics," Presented by Kevin Hix, Business Development, and Tanya Gilstrap, Account Executive of Market Street Solutions

Big data represents a new era in data exploration and utilization. IBM is uniquely positioned to help clients design, develop and execute a big data strategy that will enhance and complement existing systems and processes. Learn how big data platforms enable businesses to collect, integrate and transform large volumes of data. We will discuss integration and governance, structured, unstructured & streaming data as well as structured data warehouses.

At a time when applying analytics to big data has become an imperative, IBM business analytics software uniquely enables your organization to apply analytics to decision-making, anytime, anywhere. Learn how to make better and smarter business decisions faster with solutions that take business intelligence (BI) to a whole new level. Innovations in BI from IBM provide broader analytic capabilities so that everyone has the relevant information they need to drive business forward. IBM business intelligence products are designed to integrate with one another and with many third-party solutions, including leading big data platforms. So, you can start addressing your most pressing BI needs almost immediately with the confidence that you can seamlessly grow your solution over time to meet future requirements.

"Virtualized Voice in the Data Center and Mitel Freedom Architecture," presented by Warren J. Dubose, Director, Sales Engineering; & Mike Ehringer, Major Account Manager
Virtualized Voice in the Data Center
  •  Benefits of Virtualization
  • The tight integration of MiCollab with VMware vCenter management tools means you can manage all applications in the same way
  • Virtualizing MiCollab Client along with other data center applications results in increased efficiencies and significant savings
  • Virtual Desktop Solutions
"Freedom Architecture" provides a rich user experience along with the flexibility and simplicity organizations need to adapt to today's dynamic work environments
  •  A single, cloud-ready software stream
  • An in-office experience anywhere
  • Freedom of commerical offerings
  • Freedom from walled garden architectures
  • Mitel freedom components
“The Reality of HIPAA, HITECH and the Omnibus Rule in 2013,” presented by Kevin B. McDonald, President of Noloki Healthcare IT & Compliance

With the February 2013 release of the HIPAA Final Omnibus Rule, it is clear that HIPAA and HITECH, with their associated management pains, are here to stay. The Office of Civil Rights is unwavering in their dedication to forcing HIPAA/HITECH compliance, showing no mercy to even the smallest of medical entities that operate with Willful Neglect. Hospitals, doctors' offices and even state governments are feeling the wrath of OCR and their outrageous penalties. With covered entities and now all business associates facing five to seven-figure fines (and even potential jail time for some bad actors) there's no room for messing around with medical privacy.

Kevin will begin this talk with some stark truth about the covered entity and business associate privacy and security obligations and accompanying liability. From there, Kevin will cover anecdotal reality including examples of breaches, social engineering, resolution agreements and penalties suffered, etc., and provide suggestions on beginning the process of working toward compliance.


"8200 Virtual Fabric Adapter," Presented by David Turner, Manager, OEM Sales
  • Learn about the latest in IBM Virtual Fabric Adapters from QLogic
  • Understand what TRUE Simultaneous Protocol technology means
  • Understand what vNICs are and how to set them
  • See the various ways to set Quality of Service (QoS) in QLogic VFAs
  • Use the QLogic VMware plug-in to easily manage adapters from a single screen
Ruckus Wireless
"Simply the Smartest Wireless for a Mobile World," Presented by Thierry Chau, Regional Sales Manager, Southeast

When it comes to BYOD, few companies want to implement every bell and whistle because (a) they don't have time, (b) they don't have skilled staff, (c) they don't have the budget, (d) they don't see the need, or, more likely, (e) all of the above. Since Wi-Fi takes center stage in any BYOD initiative, the good news is most organizations already have the right network components to address their BYOD basics without having to purchase more network equipment. This session will focus on how to simply address BYOD issues without a lot of pain and anguish. Topics will include identifying and managing devices, providing simple device security and access, role-based access, and visibility.

"What Most Backup Vendors Don't Want You to Know," Presented by Lincoln Glover, Channel Sales Manager

There are always a few “secrets” in any industry – and the backup and restore business has its share. Our secrets are widely known within the industry but are less well-known outside of it – for the obvious reason that none of these secrets helps the majority of the vendors in this space.
These secrets we discuss in this session are:

  • The cost of backup software is a fraction of what you’re going to spend
  • When something goes wrong, the costs of finger-pointing are enormous
  • Online backup is an unbelievably slow recovery medium
  • Per-client and upgrade fees are the cash cow of the industry
  • If you don’t protect all of your notebooks and PCs, you are risking some of your most important data
  • Tape is a great backup medium but a lousy restore medium


"Newest Features for VMware and Hyper-V Backup & Replication," Presenter James Moots, Manager of Systems Engineering - Americas Central
Learn how VEEAM Backup and Replication v7 is taking Modern Data Protection to the next level. Our v7 contains disruptive innovations that make it easier to backup and recover what you need, where and when you need it - onsite, on tape or in the cloud. Improve your backup infrastructure management and cut costs up to 90% in hardware, storage and network bandwidth.
Learn how v7 will help you:
Get your backups offsite 50x faster
Get more out of your virtual infrastructure
Recover exactly what you need in minutes, not hours


"Simplifying the New World of End-User Computing with VMware Horizon Suite," presented by Travis Spaulding, Commercial Sales Executive, and Andrea Longfellow, Commercial Account Executive

The scope of end-user computing is expanding, as the workforce adopts more and more devices and platforms that provide mobility and productivity anywhere. For IT, the upshot is an increasingly complex and dynamic environment that's hard to administer with rigid PC-centric tools and processes. VMware Horizon Suite moves IT beyond these limitations - with the technology and capabilities to securely deliver and manage robust end-user computing across all devices.


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Learn how Veeam Backup & Replication™ v7 is taking Modern Data Protection to the next level. Our v7 contains disruptive innovations that make it easier to backup and recover what you need, where and when you need it—onsite, on tape or in the cloud. Improve your backup infrastructure management and cut costs up to 90% in hardware, storage, and network bandwidth.

Learn how v7 will help you:

Get your backups offsite 50x faster

Get more out of your virtual infrastructure

Recover exactly what you need in minutes, not hours

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